Graduate Coursework

Agile Project Management (FGV-EAESP)
Applied Geopolitics: Risk Analysis (Columbia SIPA)
Applied Research Methodology (FGV-EAESP)
Authoritarianism (Columbia SIPA)
Brazilian Economy (FGV-EAESP)
Conceptual Foundations Of International Politics (Columbia SIPA)
Data Science & Business Decisions (FGV-EAESP)
Democratic Governance And Public Safety In Brazil (FGV-EAESP)
Digital Transformation And Internationalization (FGV-EAESP)
Discourse Analysis (FGV-EAESP)
Ethical Issues In Business & Society (FGV-EAESP)
Exploratory Data Analysis (FGV-EAESP)
Fundamentals Of Environmental Policy & Economics (Columbia SIPA)
Fundamentals Of Investments (FGV-EAESP)
Game Theory & Political Theory (Columbia SIPA)
Global Energy Policy (Columbia SIPA)
Global Food And Biofuel Markets And Chains: Challenges And Learnings From Brazil (FGV-EAESP)
Global Management Practice (FGV-EAESP)
Global Shifts And Geo-Economics In The 21St Century (FGV-EAESP)
Green Transition In Emerging Markets (Columbia SIPA)
International Economics For Emerging Markets (FGV-EAESP)
International Environmental Law (Columbia SIPA)
International Project Management (FGV-EAESP)
Local Governments Performance: Measuring And Monitoring (FGV-EAESP)
Marketing And Social Media (FGV-EAESP)
Microeconomics (Columbia SIPA)
Modern State Theory (FGV-EAESP)
Multilateral Negotiations: Climate Change (Columbia SIPA)
Natural Language Processing And Network Analysis For Mining Twitter Data (FGV-EAESP)
Negotiation (FGV-EAESP)
Negotiation (FGV-EAESP)
Political Strategies Of Multinational Companies (FGV-EAESP)
Quantitative Methods Applications In Public Administration (FGV-EAESP)
Research Design (FGV-EAESP)
Spatial Statistics (FGV-EAESP)
Strategy In An International Perspective (FGV-EAESP)
Writing & Delivering Speeches For Politics, Business And Ngos (Columbia SIPA)
Writing Op-Eds And Personal Essays (Columbia SIPA)

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