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Pedro Vormittag holds a Master of International Affairs degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and a Master in International Management degree from the São Paulo School of Business from Fundação Getulio Vargas, in Brazil.

At the São Paulo School of Commerce (FAC-SP), Pedro taught introductory courses on Sustainable Development, International Law and International Trade.

Pedro has worked at the São Paulo City Hall, both as a Deputy Youth Policy Coordinator at the Secretariat of Human Rights and Citizenship and as the Policy Advisor Coordinator and Head of Department at the Secretariat of Sports and Leisure.

Under the leadership of former President of Brazil Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Pedro has worked as a Head of Research and Content with the LEGADO Project.

In the realm of social movements, Pedro gathered extensive experience in human rights mobilization as student activist.

Currently, Pedro is a Researcher with the BRICS Studies Group from the University of São Paulo School of Law, where he got his Bachelor of Laws degree from, and an Editor of Columbia’s Journal of International Affairs.

Things I write…

Generational Capital: weaving tomorrow in a pact of generations

Originally written for the Council on Business & Society. Click here for the original publication. Pedro Vormittag, FGV-EAESP and Columbia University alumnus, explores how the collective intelligence of previous generations can help those of the present to resolve three of the world’s most…